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Reglas 2018 según AGM

Each year at the AGM (ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING) rules changes are suggested and voted on.
Due to the different languages the proposed rules changes are not always understood.
Rules changes that are suggested at the AGM each year will be confirmed by email by all country representatives before the changes are made permanent.
Below is the 2018 AGM with suggested rules changes.

Each one has been examined with time to consider and the results are listed.
Minutes of meeting
World Championship GP A 2018
Ukraine, Kyiv 2-4 November 2018
Head of the minutes of meeting — Bohdan Vorobei
Secretary of the minutes of meeting - Hamarnyk Ihor

Representatives of countries-participants, present at the Minutes of Meeting: Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Peru, India, Finland, Bulgaria.

The agenda is as follows
The following countries-participants, would like to have representatives of GPA in their countries: Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Belorussia and Latvia.

Discuss following questions

1. European Championship 2019. Applicants for the competition.
President of the European GPA offered to the representative of Georgia to held the European Championship in Georgia.
It was agreed to held the European Championship in the beginning of May, 2019.
“The representatives of Georgia and Turkey have decided to have the 2019 European championships in Turkey. It is approved.”
All countries voted with one voice.

2. The following suggestions were made to make changes to the rules.

  • Make usage of high socks (gaiters) during Deadlifts obligatory. This implementation will protect athletes’ shins from injuries while deadlifting.
    Moreover, it’s crutial for the athlete’s hygiene and prevention of possible infections.
    “It is approved”
    All countries voted with one voice.

  • Allow usage of belt with soft padding at the back and two loops. Such belts don’t influence the results, they’re rather for athlete ’s convenience. The requirements, considering belt height will be the same (10 cm), the
    thickness won’t be measured.
    “It is not approved, the rules will remain as it is”
    All countries voted with one voice.

  • Implement “side judge signal for the front judge”. Such implementation will improve athlete’s performance, as side judges see when the athlete is ready to perform the exercise (meaning, that he’s /she’s in the right
    position). Therefore, it’s offered, that the side judges give the signal to the front judge, when the athlete is ready to perform the movement, and after that the front judge gives the command to the athlete.
    “This rule changes is not approved. It is too ambigious.” All countries voted with one voice.

  • Implement “Start” command for the division of equipped Bench Press.
    Countries voted for the suggestion - 2 (Ukraine, Bulgaria)
    Countries voted against the suggestion - 4 (Turkey, Georgia, Peru, India)
    Abstained from voting - 1 (Finland) “This rule already exists in the IPO”

  • Forbid “ front-back” movement while Bench Press attempts.
    “This rule already exists in the GPA/IPO” All countries voted with one voice.

3. The mentioned above implementations were made by the President of European GPA and President of Ukrainian GPA. Other countries didn’t have any suggestions.

  • Head of the Minutes of Meeting (President of European GPA)
  • Secretary of the Minutes of Meeting
  • President of the GPA in Ukraine
  • Representative of Turkey
  • Representative of Georgia
  • Representative of Peru
  • Representative of India
  • Representative of Finland
  • Representative of Bulgaria